“Science v religion” is no more valid an argument than “nature v nurture” … In truth it is “nature via nurture” and, as Einstein pointed out, “Religion without science is lame. Science without religion is blind.” I firmly believe that if you’re not with us, you’re not necessarily against us, either. There is middle ground. Science, knowledge, beliefs, values, and most everything in life is a spectrum. Where each of us and each issue falls along that spectrum is, additionally, dynamic in time and conditional upon environment.

Black-and-white thinking is a dangerous date for the tyranny of the majority. Democracy and popular opinion cannot determine truth. Only when we learn to integrate our various perspectives and approach all new endeavors with open minds and unbridled curiosity will we ever truly begin to appreciate the underlying truth in life, the universe, and everything.

Personally, I pride myself on strong opinions, loosely held. It is important to me to remember this: You don’t have to be wrong for me to be right.

As I tell my conservative students while I begin to introduce evolution: I am not presenting you with an alternate theory of our existence. I am merely helping supplement the story of your creation with a very cool new look at HOW God did it. He was amazingly creative, and detailed, and constantly tweaks us for optimization in our ever-changing environment. Of course you don’t yet understand it, of course you may feel anxious about approaching these topics. But do you really believe God is simple and boring? Would you argue He cannot come up with something so complex and profound as to make you fear it?

I feel quite certain that Jesus would have liked; in fact, absolutely likes, Darwin.

  1. Caroline Maki says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to make this blog, it is very informative and it helps me understand greatly. Keep up the good work!

  2. Lovely. I have long believed that science and religion are compatible and should be allies. I loved your rhetorical question, “Do you really believe God is simple and boring?” and I heartily concur that “Democracy and popular opinion cannot determine truth.” Well said. Very glad I found your blog– thanks!

  3. Apoptosis says:

    How does Genesis and the time line given with the rate of evolution coincide?
    Isn’t religion in itself black and white? believer, non-believer, faith, no faith, hope, hopeless, heaven, hell.
    Is there a middle ground when dealing with the “true words” of a deity? (divine morality)

    • A “day” – and time in general – is a relative term. It is wholly dependent on the perspective from which one views the fourth dimension, the location relative to other objects in space, and the size of the planet and distance from its corresponding star…therefore, I have no urge to reconcile the timeline in Genesis, or any other “divine” perspective to that perceived by humans on the surface of the Earth. I think we create beautiful, meaningful analogies to describe phenomenon not wholly known to us, which does not take away from the underlying glory.

      On to the second question: I certainly hope not! I would be quite discontent with the notion of a God without a sense of relativity, or lacking humor. Not to mention that I have a difficult time with the idea of trusting another human (i.e. non-deity) to tell me what “true words” are, or to impose his/her version of morality upon the personal reality in which I reside.

      By the way, I tried to give myself the name “Apoptosis” when I first signed up for WordPress….now I know who first got that great name! Love it!

  4. Apoptosis says:

    So your more into Einsteins “god” rather than the biblical “god”? Is the bible the literal word of a divine being or a metaphors created by man to describe the abstract?

    Haha, it’s mine and you can’t have it. lol.

    • I have an opinion about that personally – but as an educator, and a human, I believe that my opinion is right for me but shouldn’t influence others. Therefore, I choose to remain accepting of all possible answers to that question (and there are more than just the two options given)… But feel it would be wrong of me to answer directly and publicly, knowing it could undermine the major messages I am passionate about promoting on this site 🙂

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