Check out those melons!

Posted: June 16, 2011 in miscellaneous

For quite some time now, my family and I have been wondering about the mystery plant making a home of the pepper and onion bed in my parents’ back yard. The limey, viney creature seemed more than content to grow in the crevices left between the piquant hosts and flourished especially in these first weeks of summer heat. Likewise, the intended crops showed no signs of discomfort with their new companion.

While the plant and leaves looked mildly familiar, I failed for months to identify the unexpected garden addition. Of course, a quick internet search and comparison would immediately have yielded results, though it never really occurred to me and often I was distracted by something else mid-speculation anyway. (This did occur to my father, eventually. And only confirmed what we already knew by then.)

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It seems that someone, at some time during the past… year? two? had eaten a watermelon (**quick note here to all you uber-observant people: there were seeds in the damn watermelon) and tossed the remains in the general direction of the garden, which makes good composting/fertilizing sense and serves as an excuse for being too lazy to toss them elsewhere. The plant had snaked its way between and around the peppers and onions and established itself as a contributing member to the local population. Once the summer heat hit, it began to flower – and fruit! Though small and fairly inconspicuous, the watermelons are easily identifiable as such, complete with stripes. Now, I normally am not one of those ladies with an obsession with all things miniature (you know what I’m talking about!), but baby watermelons are adorable. This is the type of infant I can deal with.

I’m excited at the prospect of fresh watermelon in a couple months, and excited to see whether the fruits crush any surrounding flora as they gain bulk. But I am also left wondering: Why are these sweet treats so happy growing in the midst of plants known for their formidable flavor?

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